Sometimes we beg for change…  Sometimes we resist it with all of our might…  But inevitably, it happens.  Despite honest prayer or muscled grip, change happens.  In yoga.  In life.  Even in our studio.  2016 has offered opportunities to be open to change through new classes, and, of course, the farewell to some loved instructors.  That is the nature of this town, and our space, and you have all been beautiful while welcoming what IS.  Yoga is an interesting practice that teaches us how to be present and accepting in the sometimes illusive NOW.  Rather than pressing against change, or avoiding it, we can observe it.  Look squarely at it.  Become aware of all of its qualities, and utilize what is beneficial to us, and compassionately leave what is not, even if that, too, is temporary.  Our bodies change with practice, and age, and awareness.  Our minds change with contemplation, and exposure, and openness.  Our practice will change.    Our needs will change.  Our teachers will change.  May we all continue to be open.  And allow change.  Embrace it. Use it as an invitation to question our selves.  Our reactions.  Our choices. May we revisit people and situations, classes and opportunities to learn and practice, with different perspectives, and without the old stories we may have previously carried with us, with or without knowing. 
Thank you all for showing up.  For rolling with us…  with all of our changes… We have seen some beautiful times and people…  Your presence, and your practices are bigger than you know. Honored to change with you ALL! 
Om Saha Nau-Avatu
Saha Nau Bhunaktu
Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai
Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 
May we be protected together
May we be nourished together
May we work/practice with energy and vigor
May our studies be enlightening, and not give rise to hostility
Peace, Peace, Peace 
Much LOVE,