Open Positions

yoga teacher

I am always hiring here in the studio.  This is a transient town, and it's all temporary...  If you desire to teach and share your yoga with this community, I will provide opportunities.  Most teachers and students here are newer (less than 5 years) to the practice of yoga, so I provide support and opportunities for growth and understanding while you are here teaching.  If you do not have time to be involved in this community via practicing here and contributing your energy, it will not be a good  fit.  

How it works:  Contact me.  The first thing I will do is look to see if you practice here.  I'll also take a look at your social media to get a gut feeling about how we can work together.  Then we meet to discuss your intentions, the studio's needs, schedule possibilities, and how teaching here is managed.  You will need to teach me a 20 minute class.  If all goes well, you are added to our sub list.  You'll have to sub one of my classes that I attend in order to be considered for a teaching spot. If all goes really well, I create a teaching spot for you.  Teaching spots are limited, but I make things happen when the situation is right.  

*In the so far unheard of event that you have years upon years of experience, or have apprenticed under a reputable teacher, or are healer/helper of another sort that wishes to share your gifts with us...  what are you waiting for???



  • Have a STRONG desire to help and learn and contribute
  • Availability to practice here in our studio with our students
  • Integrity 
  • Humility
  • Kindness fuels your actions
  • Awareness in this world around you
  • Devotion in your practice(s)



As a new (less than 5 years) teacher/practitioner, you will get real experience teaching real students.  I will observe, and participate as a practitioner, and share personal feedback, as well as the feedback of our students to help encourage you, and refine your teaching experience.  NOTHING will replace the experience of teaching and practicing yoga, and you will get that here, along with support.  I provide mentoring sessions free while you work here, as well as access to whatever resources I have, which may include workshops, online access, discounts, space, teacher trainings, and students.  I provide professional references as you further your experiences, or move onto other teaching locations.  These references are based on the overall impressions and relationships you create with me and our students as you spend your time here at Infinite.  I do not hold anything back as I work with you.  I am willing to share all that I have learned running a studio and teaching my heart out to thousands of students with you.  Nothing that I do is a secret or kept separate from how I live my real life.  You will have the opportunity to learn the business of yoga, including building relationships, software and studio workings, how to make money teaching yoga, and teacher space.  You will be mentored in sequencing, therapeutic modifications, language usage, verbal and physical assists, alignment, special events/workshops/celebrations, retreat leading, theming classes, diet, Ayurvedic practices, music, and more.  You get free yoga here in the studio.  You get to be a part of this amazing yoga community.  You get the opportunity to teach private students, professionally and therapeutically, as well as with the continuous spaces we provide yoga as service and outreach for community agencies and including the veteran and active duty military and their families.  



It is important that you only start this process if you truly want to learn and help and be involved.  If you have this desire, I can help you with the education and the experience and the learning curves.  If you do not have time to practice here in the studio, you do not have time to teach yoga here in the studio, and we should not waste each other's time.  The possibilities for growth and success here are truly infinite, and the world needs passionate helpers.  I look forward to meeting and working with you.  Namaste 


personal assistant / studio support

See Dani if you have experience running any shows or would like to discuss creative ways to work/help in the studio.  



  • problem solving capabilities
  • self motivated 
  • eye contact
  • integrity
  • forward thinker
  • devoted personal practice or working toward
  • desire to further your experience/education
  • desire to help/serve/contribute
  • dream person would have most or some brilliant combo of...  kindness, energetic, type A, organized, vegan, communication skills, skilled with technology and web/print design, have a flexible schedule, be willing to create and cultivate community awareness and involvement, be able to tell me what to do with certainty and confidence, handle errands and office work. This position is open to be created and filled by the right person.  It would be part time at first, and hoping to lead into full time employment.  I'm waiting patiently...  


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