The classes that we offer here in our studio are all levels.  Meaning that the classes are appropriate for all practitioners.  You learn as you go.  We strongly recommend practicing a minimum of 2-3 classes per week to further understand the alignment and experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice.  Each class will offer intelligent options to modify in order to make the practice more accessible or advanced.  Please let Dani or our instructors know about any questions or concerns you may have before practicing.  Scroll down for a general description of classes that we offer, and you can click on the names of the classes in our schedule for more specifics.  All of our classes are led by certified yoga teachers with various styles and years of experience teaching.  

beginner yoga

Just get here! Beginner Yoga is for ALL

60 minute
We are all beginners, and it is important to keep this mindset as you progress in yoga.  And life.  

All levels, ages, experience - We always have first timers, students who are returning to their practice, students who have dibbled and dabbled, as well as students who have been practicing here for several years.  

An offering that will mindfully introduce you to yoga, including physical, ethical, philosophical, and meditative aspects of practice. The intention behind this series is to provide compassionate instruction and space to bring yoga to EVERYONE who is curious, and seeking strength, flexibility, relaxation, and healing. Knowledgeable instruction, modeling, and modifications will be offered in each class to make postures available to ALL levels, ages, and experiences, including new or forgotten practices, and those practicing with illnesses or injury. By participating in beginner classes, students will become comfortable practicing in any of the classes offered in the studio, and also have the foundational knowledge to begin a consistent home/self practice. Classes will be lead by Dani.  

Format – A similar class will be offered every Monday evening at 5:30.  Each class will include body awareness, breathwork, sun salutations and variation, and standing and seated postures for stretching, strength, balance, mobility, circulation, focus, and relaxation. Modifications, benefits and risks, deep relaxation, resources, readings, assists, and props will be offered during all classes by the instructor.  We want you to practice yoga.  If you are reading these words, this practice has been calling you.  Yoga has changed many lives in countless ways.  The intention behind beginner yoga is not to teach you all there is to know about yoga.  We don't know all there is to know... we are still learning.  The intention is to alleviate many of the questions, fears, resistance, and excuses that keep people from practicing.  We understand.  We start where we are.  
Each week will offer some insight and space to practice physical postures, breathing, sitting, standing, as well as brief snippets into energetic, philosophical, meditative, and therapeutic applications for yoga practice.  We will discuss what to expect in different classes in a studio setting including, language, schedule, etiquette, types of yoga, music, assists, and procedures in our studio.  We encourage questions and feedback, as yoga is truly an individual and personal practice that we hope to encourage and support in a group setting.

Schedule – Monday evenings from 5:30-6:30
Items needed: Mat (we have mats to borrow) comfortable clothes.  Check to see if your pants are see through.  Check to see if you are comfortable with your clothes as you move and hang in a forward fold or on the hands and knees.  Optional water, towel, journal, or friend. Bare feet are recommended, but socks are welcome if you are more comfortable, or for resting.  We also offer the option to practice in a chair, and have hand rails in both rooms if you need any help with mobility or getting up and down from the floor.  Just let the instructor know.  

We occasionally offer mini workshops to beginners, as well as alignment classes and philosophy classes.  Free meditations are scheduled regularly.  Other suitable classes would be gentle, restorative, and deep stretch.  As you feel more comfortable or curious, please join us for heated classes, vinyasa, and intermediate classes.  You are your own best teacher.  Please ask us if you need direction.  

We are incredibly grateful to share this practice with you and our community.  Just begin.  While you're thinking about it... follow the studio or Dani on social media to stay on top of studio offerings, and access to positive vibes.

Gentle Yoga

In our studio, we offer gentle yoga as a way to approach our practice from a gentler perspective.  A kinder way to incorporate movement and breath work into our individual journey and yogic practice.  Gentle yoga is beneficial and accessible to everyone. Incorporating beginner, therapeutic, and restorative opportunities, it is a safe class to begin or refine a yoga practice, as well as an opportunity to stabilize and heal. Slow, intentional movement and breath work, and ample relaxation time, will establish increased strength, flexibility, stress reduction, and confidence. A great class to incorporate into ANY yogic practice, or wellness schedule.  We have intelligent options for postures, as well as props (yoga blocks, blankets, straps, chairs, bolsters, walls, and music) to bring ease into the practice for all practitioners.  You learn as you go.  

Gentle yoga is perfect if you are beginning a yoga practice, want to help reduce physical or emotional stress and anxiety, limited mobility, are recovering or healing from an injury or illness, are pregnant, or are just enthusiastic about enhancing your overall quality of life.  Highly recommended for those go-hards who work hard and play hard and never stop.  Athletes who need to recover and/or professionals who need to slow down.  Those who care for others:  mothers, caregivers, helpers... We invite you.  Expecting mothers:  we sometimes offer specific prenatal classes, but if we do not, please join us for gentle yoga.  Please contact Dani if you have questions about the classes.  

If you are working therapeutically, Dani is also available to work privately to make the practice more individualized and accessible.  This can be done on a regular basis, or just to become comfortable to practice with us in group classes.  For groups or individual persons.


Yoga room/studio will be heated to 85-95 degrees. Most of our classes are vinyasa based, meaning you practice with the flow and movement of the breath, moving intentionally and strongly through asanas (postures), including vinyasa segments to incorporate the synchronicity of the breath and movement, as well as static postures, to enhance strength and endurance.   Enjoy increased flexibility in the body as you release physical and emotional toxins. Water and towels are welcome, and also provided, however it is recommended to hydrate (the day) before, and not drink during the practice.  (you can... it's just not recommended)  

Most of our hot classes are vinyasa based, meaning flow yoga, sun salutations and variations, although we do offer heated deep stretches, hot power hold classes where static postures are held for an unusually long amount of time.  

Hot yoga is not recommended if you have any serious injury, serious blood pressure irregularities, pregnant, or hate August.  

Check the online schedule for a more exact description of the class on the schedule, as well as the start/end time and instructor.  




The intention behind offering power yoga in our studio is from a place of self EMPOWERment.  Doing the personal work, of the mind, body, and spirit, to heal and be strong in this life.  To take responsibility for our actions on and off the yoga mat, and be confident as we work on ourselves and our relationships in the world.  The muscles and the peace of mind are just bonus!  

A powerful, invigorating class intended to bring awareness and union to the breath and movement in the body.  A more physical yoga class, moving with purpose in and out of asanas (poses) with an invitation to hold, refine, and sustain the pose.  Modifications and options are offered to fit various experience levels.  Benefits and contraindications will be offered to encourage a relevant and safe practice.  Each power class will offer seated space for meditation/concentration/contemplation, breathing, sun salutations, and different sequences to promote the stamina, flexibility, and vitality of different muscle groups and systems in the mind and the body.  Class will end with a relaxing shavasana.

Power yoga in our studio may be faster at times, usually vinyasa based.  You may hold postures longer, and you may be offered stronger, possibly advanced versions of postures if it is appropriate for the practitioners in the class.  If you are newer to yoga, it is important that you practice consistently to learn proper alignment, both internally and externally, as well as the ethical guidelines of a yoga practice.  If you are not familiar with yogic breathing and bandhas, and gaze, please see Dani.  

Remember to keep a light heart, and try.  It is a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect.  Yoga practice should invigorate, not exhaust <3

lasses set to energetic music, both yogic and popular/mainstream

All levels

Restorative Yoga

Come in and listen to the quiet... The candles, the music, the relaxing!! This is our gentlest and sweetest practice available.  The object is to get as relaxed as possible.  Instructors will offer restorative postures that are accompanied with bolsters(large yoga pillows) and blankets.  You never even have to stand up.  Candles, readings, and soothing music are a supportive feature in every class.  With the intent to quiet the mind, a restorative practice will gently stretch and restore the body, and nurture the spirit. Yogis will experience gentle breath-work and meditation, slow focused movements, and the beautiful opportunity and space to relax! Great for all levels, ages, sizes, experiences, conditions, practices. Sleep clothes optional ;)

Please see schedule for more details and times
ALL levels


Vinyasa is sometimes called flow yoga for the way that each asana (physical posture) is linked mindfully from one to the next. Breath is fundamental in vinyasa practice, as movements in the body are harmonized with the rhythm of one's own inhale and exhale. There are infinite expressions of vinyasa. Some practices may be slow and calming, while others are more vigorous and exhilarating. Each teacher will have their own style of Vinyasa and may even teach a offer various options within their weekly class offerings. Vinyasa practice is great for developing overall health, strength, and flexibility in both the body and mind.  Every practice will offer all over stretching, strengthening, and energizing.  

Asana practice is mindfully linked with continual focus on the breath, and applies added transition flows to build heat within the body, increase muscle stamina, and allow for more movement between set postures. This class is appropriate for all levels, and modifications will be given for those wanting to flow, but working with any injury, illness, or lack of experience.  

Recommended 3 times a week
ALL levels
See schedule for additional times and information

"Vinyasa is the unique linking of one asana to the next in a serpentine flow.  It is more than a simple set of physical maneuvers.  It is a dynamic marriage of our internal and external worlds.  Vinyasa is an outward expression of the subtle movement of life force.  It is a manifestation of prana.  Vinyasa orgestrates balance.  A balance of strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness.  Through vinyasa one may know the vibration of life.  This integration manifests when the act of breathing and movement cease to be separate entities.  The two actions converge to crete a symphony of seamless unity.  Each action encourages the other.  They exist as one.  The mind is then set free and the practice may become a rhythmic dance.           In order to understand vinyasa we must start with the gross aspects and through refinement we many gain knowledge of its sublets.  Vinyasa begins with an understanding of the physical set of movements prescribed as links between asanas.  Through repetition this action becomes familiar to the body on a cellular level.  Vinyasa assist in creating heat which allows more freedom of exploration within the asanas.  It also brings the body back to a neutral position between postures.  Vinyasa is like an "etch-a-sketch."  After exiting from one asana, the body's screen is cleared and prepared for entry into the next.  Without linking this movement with the breath, the action remains within the physical realm.  There is joy in developing our physical bodies, yet to discover vinyasa's magic we must explore the breath simultaneously.  When this marriage is successfully achieved, the action becomes one of spirit and the physical practice acts as a conduit for a deeper exploration of our core identity."  David Swenson:  Ashtanga Yoga The Practice Manual