Dani Marshburn

A passionate educator and counselor since 2006, Dani's yogic practice began in 2010, completely changing the way she would help others.  Having a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Counseling, Dani continued her education, and deepened her practice to include her 220 hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training with Kristin Cooper, through The Wilmington Yoga Center in 2012.  What was originally intended to be used as an additional tool to empower others with, Dani decided to share the opportunity to learn, grow, and heal with yoga, by opening Infinite Yoga and Wellness.  Additionally, Dani has completed trainings and certifications for children's yoga, powerful hot detox vinyasa trainings, power yoga, ashtanga yoga, jivamukti yoga, yoga therapy, inversions, ashtanga yoga, meditation, tantra hatha yoga, power vinyasa yoga, The Bhagavad Gita, anatomy, Transcendental Meditation, psychology, Bhakti yoga, breath work, pranayama, and therapeutic applications to include trauma, injury, and illness.  Dani completed her 500 hr teaching level through The Pranakriya Yoga Therapy program, where she learned how to practice and apply the various techniques of Tantra Hatha Yoga (pranayama, asana, meditation) in therapeutic settings to address physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.  Dani has also completed an interactive, intensive internship, also through Pranakriya, in Yoga Therapy, and is now certified to provide these therapeutic services to the members of our community.  Motivated to promote change and growth, there is an element of healing in Dani's classes, which range from beginner, restorative and therapeutic, to powerful hatha classes.  Dani encouragingly provides an opportunity to walk to your edge, while honoring a humble place in your practice.  You are welcome to transform or enhance the state you're in.  Dani has diligently been offering yoga and wellness to our community.  She teaches several public and private classes each week to all beings, as well as outreach to the military, veterans, educators, professional development with Onslow County Schools, local agencies, children of all ages, and mentoring to yoga instructors and wellness professionals.  Dani leads international yoga retreats and speaks professionally to teach and promote a holistic and empowered life.  
"We are all smiling warriors... My smile sees your smile.  My fight sees your fight."  Dani Marshburn, 2012

Bells and whistles...  Trained professionally, practiced personally, and taught fiercely and kindly for thousands of hours.  Has learned face to face with Tamal Dodge, Jules Febre, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Sadie Nardini, Kino MacGregor, Seane Corn, Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Larry Hobbs, David Emerson, Marlyssa Sullivan, Tra Kirkpatrick, Donna Gardner, and Hilary Garivaltis, Manorama, Bill Mahoney, Leslie Kaminoff, Rebecca Campbell, Gurunam Singh, Anthony William, Reid Tracy, and Mike Dooley.  Diana Williams is Dani's Transcendental Meditation teacher.  Onslow County Native...  Graduated from Richlands High School, 1995, Coastal Carolina Community College, 2002, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2006, and East Carolina University, 2010.