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This traditional relaxing full-body massage reduces stress and tension while increasing circulation and metabolism. Long firm strokes, kneading, and circular motions are used to alleviate muscle fatigue and soothe the entire body.

60 Minute - 60.00

90 Minute - 90.00


Hand and Foot

A combination of techniques focuses on the hands and feet with emphasis on specific points that encourage whole body health.  Session includes salt and herbal foot bath and salt scrubs for the lower legs and feet.

60 Minute - $55.00



Stronger pressure and friction is used to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue in order to release muscle adhesion and spasms. The massage will be tailored to specific dysfunction or pain you are experiencing.  Therapeutic massage is beneficial for many conditions as a supplement to regular care by your physician.

60 Minute - 70.00

90 Minute - 90.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones have a soothing effect on the body, expertly manipulated to revive fatigued muscles and balance the body. Combined with Swedish strokes, this rejuvenating treatment calms the mind and melts muscle tension away. - coming soon

60 Minute - 70.00

90 Minute - 90.00


Signature Herbal Massage

Swedish or therapeutic style massage that incorporates fresh and dried herbs to encourage relaxation, pain relief, and rejuvenation.  The session will begin with an herb and salt foot soak (selected based on your preference and needs) and a cup of tea for you to enjoy while hot/cold wraps are placed around your shoulders. It then moves to the massage table where you will receive a full 60 minute massage including herbal exfoliating scrub for the lower arms and legs to increase circulation.   

75 Minute Swedish Herbal - 75.00

75 Minute Therapeutic herbal - 90.00

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meet laura


Laura Howard is a Licensed massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT NC#16805), Yoga teacher RYT500 and Certified Herbalist. Her primary focus is therapeutic Massage for both injury prevention and recovery, as well as managing chronic pain and health conditions. Each massage is tailored to the clients needs and desires and tends to be a blend of both deep pressure and relaxing strokes. Laura is also certified in Hot Stone massage. For more information about Laura, massage or new massage offerings, click here. 

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