first time visitor's guide


What to wear

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch easily. Shoes are not worn in the studio at all.  Socks can be worn, but most practice in bare feet.


What to bring

A limited number of mats are available for use, donations are appreciated.  Please be sure to properly clean mats after use, and leave them hanging outside.  We also recommend you bring a towel and water bottle, especially if attending a hot or power class. If possible, please print and fill out the New Student Waiver prior to your first visit or join us about 10 minutes early. We also have waivers available at the front desk.


What to expect

We strongly recommend that you arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to sign in and get settled. On your first visit, plan to come a few minutes earlier to fill out a waiver and release, sign in, and pay for class. Web registrations are strongly encouraged. In the event that a class fills to capacity, web registrations will be held until five minutes before class begins.

Arriving late is not encouraged.  The beginning of class is often used for grounding and meditation, asking for quiet and focus.  

Cell phones are not permitted in the practice space.  Not even on vibrate.  Please turn phones completely off, and leave them in the car or the lobby for the duration of the practice.  

We encourage you to listen to your body during practice. You are welcome to rest and take child's pose at any time during your practice. If you become overly tired or uncomfortable, please honor your body and come back to your breath and rest. This is your practice and you do not need to do every pose or hold each pose as long as the instructor. You are welcome to move in and out of poses according to what your body needs. Our instructors offer plenty of modifications to help make yoga accesible to everyone. Finally, only look to other yoga students for cues on how to move through the poses; don’t compare yourself to them.  Everyone who comes to the studio is at a different point in their practice and has their own unique bodily contraints or abilities. 

We recommend you refrain from eating at least 1-2 hours before class so that you can move and breathe with ease.  

Properly hydrating the body is strongly recommended before and after practicing yoga. Drinking water during a yoga practice is not recommended. 

Please refer to our frequently asked questions page for more information or contact our studio manager with additional questions.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!