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Monthly Membership 

Practice for just $2.50 a day!

Studio Pricing

Monthly Auto-Renew Membership - $75

Yearly Infinite Membership - $750

One Month Pass - $85

10 Class Pass - $100 (3 month expiration after the date of the first use)

Kids Pass - students under 18 - $8

Drop in Pass - $15

Trial Pass - $40 (Available on first visit ONLY) 

*** Your best possible option, other than the yearly, is to roll your trial pass into a membership.  If you take advantage of this BEFORE your trial expires, we honor the monthly membership price of $65/month, rather than the regular price of $75.  You keep this price as long as you practice with us.  Should you cancel and come back, it negates this option***



Private Instruction

$75 with Dani/hour - $60 infinite instructor/hour

travel fees applicable

Available for individual instruction, small groups, yoga therapy sessions, corporate groups, special events

30 minute sessions available


Coupons MUST be presented to be honored

payment options

Infinite Yoga and Wellness accepts cash, checks, and credit cards(no American Express) as payment.  Payment can occur in the studio, over the phone, or online.  

It is my personal mission to make yoga accessible to as many human beings as possible.  It continues to save my life, and I've yet to put a price on it, although I've spent hundreds of thousands...  I've worked to find an amount that is comparable to the area that we live in, the services and education level of staff, and the facility/space that we provide.  Please consider what yoga costs in other parts of the country (google it) as well as what it costs to provide yoga here in Jacksonville, NC, and the fact that you are truly being offered superior instruction for our area.  I've made sure of it.  I can't make you get on your yoga mat, but I've made a valiant attempt to alleviate the excuse of finances.   

Sliding Scale
This option is intended to make yoga accessible to all.  Sliding scales are available and arrangements are easily made with Dani.  Please make an appointment with the studio manager, or drop by to set everything up.  

Free Classes
All of the meditation classes are free, as well as several times a year we have celebratory flows that are completely free and intended as an offering to the community.  

Donation/Pay What You Can
These are offered every Sunday, as well as for other occasions throughout the year.  A suggested amount will be noted, as a guide if you have it to give in exchange for whatever yoga you receive.  If you are unable to contribute that amount, it is left open for you to determine the amount that currently works with your finances.  

Class Passes
Class passes can be used for all regularly scheduled classes. Class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. 1-Month and Auto-Renew Passes can be used for unlimited classes during the length of the pass. 

10-Class Passes
expire 3 months after the date of first use.  
Drop-in Pass expires 1 month after the date of purchase.  

***It us unfortunate if you do not utilize your pass while it is viable, however it is not our responsibility, and will not make alterations to the dates of your passes for your convenience.   Please go to yoga!!!  


$75/month - Auto-Renew passes make you a member of Infinite Yoga & Wellness, and allow you to attend all of our studio classes. Eligible to receive 10% off of any retail that we carry.  May bring one person to try yoga with you per month.  All others or additional guests can practice at regular price.  There is no startup or cancellation fee as long as you cancel outside of the two week window.  There is a $25 fee for any adjustments made to accommodate unsuccessful drafts.   Auto-Renew Passes require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to terminate the payment. No exceptions.  We offer couples' rates for $100/month, and family rates for $125/month.  Please direct any questions or notice of cancellation to our studio manager.      

Kids Yoga
$8 per class.  Children and teens are encouraged to practice yoga at Infinite Yoga & Wellness.  Children must respect the space and expectations of the studio, and may not disrupt the class.  

Private Instruction
Infinite Yoga & Wellness offers classes uniquely tailored for special events, private groups, or private individual instruction. Private instruction works well for those with specific needs, injuries, styles, or a need for discretion. Private instruction is great for professional development, office/corporate groups, fund raisers, outreach, service, book clubs, kids groups, pre-natal, mommy and me, homeschool programs, church groups, meet-ups, and health/fitness groups. Contact our studio manager and we will create a personalized yoga experience. Private instruction or special events can be held at Infinite Yoga Studio or we can come to you.  Special rates can be negotiated for time in the studio to accommodate meetings or special occasions with food/drinks and decorations.   Be advised, Dani's rate is higher per hour.  

Want to Trade for Yoga?
We're always looking for people who are interested to work as a trade for classes.  We intend to make yoga accessible and sustainable in this community.  Bartering is welcomed in many capacities.  Cleaning, food, repairs, teaching/subbing, massage, photography, social media, planning, print and design, promotion, book keeping, and communications are some of the creative ways we utilize yoga trades.  Partial trades available. Contact our studio manager to discuss your options.