A heartfelt thank you to all who have shared your experience, opinion, and most importantly, your practice.  Namaste.

“I like the Hot Yoga sessions on Saturday, staff is very nice, tolerant of those of us who are just beginning to practice yoga.”  

Tom J. - Hot yoga

“The availability of classes that suits my schedule, and the various options keep me stimulated and engaged. This studio provides the mind-body-spirit connection I sought but could not find elsewhere.”  

Lisa R. – Hot, Power, Vinyasa

“This was my first time attending Yoga classes on a regular basis. Dani is so friendly and doesn’t make anyone feel like an outsider for not practicing regularly. Each class she explains everything so you are not lost and encourages everyone to go at their own pace. This has been a great experience and I hope to find a place like this to continue practicing yoga at my next duty station.”  

Kendra B. – Hot yoga, Power Hatha

“First time doing Yoga and it was an amazing experience.”  

Samantha M.

“Beautiful establishment, variety of classes, variety of times.”  

Rose M. – Power Hatha

“Warm and caring staff. Always wanting to know what I want and need.”  

Katie L. – Fundamental Series

“…everything so far!!! Dani you are so gentle & encouraging…thank you so much!”  

Mitzi J. – Beginner, Gentle, Rest & Restore

“The options, friendly staff, the welcoming and no judging feeling!”  

Haleigh J. – Hot yoga, Vinyasa

“The personal care the instructor gives to each person who attends, and the overall feeling of body, mind, and spirit that comes at the end of each class.”  

Jeremy H. – Hot yoga, Power Hatha, Rest & Restore

“Various times of classes are available. Atmosphere is more inviting than that of a typical gym. Owner is personable and kind in the process of being business oriented.”  

Stefanie H. – Hot yoga, Vinyasa, Rest & Restore

“I enjoy doing yoga.”  

Anne K. – Hot yoga

“Love the studio & the quality of instructors & classes.”  

Kristen H. – Hot yoga, Vinyasa, Power Hatha

“I like that anyone whether they have experience with yoga or not are able to walk right in and able to fully participate in a class. It’s also a very warm and welcoming environment.”  

Jennifer G. – Hot yoga

“Dani,she in a very nice,very friendly and very good yoga instructor.”  

Nan M. – Power Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot yoga, Beginner

“…The relaxing atmosphere in which to learn yoga.”

Tondrea L. – Fundamental Series

“Amazing space to make something of my own! Infinite has been a great place for me to experience yoga for the first time. The instructors are eager to share thier knowledge and practice. It is a welcoming nonjudgemental space where everyone can find their balance. Every focus you hope to gain from yoga can be found here! I would encourage everyone that is curious to explore in this safe haven!”  

Stephanie M. – Fundamental Series

“A wonderful studio and yoga community! The classes are well-suited for both beginners and more experienced practitioners, and the pricing is extremely reasonable, particularly if you buy a block of classes. I really look forward to the Saturday morning class — it’s a perfect start to the weekend. Infinite Yoga is a hugely welcome addition to Jacksonville”  

Mac J. – Hot yoga

“This little gem is a wonderful space for anyone to practice. There is a wonderful choice of classes throughout the week for anyone to enjoy. The instructors are knowledgeable and can work with everyone. Definitely recommend this studio!”  

Jo W. – Hot yoga, Fundamental Series, Vinyasa, Power Hatha, Rest & Restore

“I can’t say enough good things about this little gem. I have worked with different instructors and they are all helpful and open to questions. No shaming here! I feel welcome every time I come in and can’t wait to come back when I leave!”  

Amanda S. – Vinyasa

“Such an amazing place to practice. The instructors are so welcoming and knowledgable. I highly recommend Infinite if you’re looking to find balance, de-stress, gain flexibility, increase strength, and/or meet an amazing group of people.”  

Lindsay W. – Hot yoga, Power Hatha, Vinyasa, Rest & Restore

“I recently moved to the area from Florida and was looking for a good yoga studio. The instructors I have met thus far have been extremely nice and very warming to new clients. I intend to take a lot more classes here in the future!”

Monica S. – Vinyasa