Infinite Yoga & Wellness opened in October 2012 to create a supportive space where people can discover, explore, and expand their yoga practice. The studio began with the intention of exposing the community to yoga; an empowering practice that brings strength, balance, and healing into the lives of those who are curious, and committed enough to show up on the mat.

What started out as an unlikely endeavor, jumping into obvious risk, more fear than necessary, and stubborn faith, is quickly and beautifully transforming into a place of service and growth to many in the diverse community of Jacksonville, and its surrounding areas.  The studio is filled daily with teachers and students who are actively seeking ways to bring wellness and wholeness into their lives.  It is fascinating to be part of this time, and to have the help and support of so many who have helped get the studio cranked, both on and off the mat.

This is truly only the beginning, and we are looking forward to every second that is in store.  Welcoming each intention, trial, breath, and celebration.  Gratitude and service fuels the foundation here, and support from friends, family, teachers, and practitioners build it up. You are supposed to be here.


- Dani & the Infinite Yoga Team